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WP STORE RADIO 24/7 Taylor made sound
The musical research of WP Store Radio has always gone hand in hand with the quality of the WP portfolio of products and brands. For over 30 years, WP has researched and selected brands and products from around the world that have in common the characteristic of having a long history, a strong tradition of quality and the search for innovation. Vinyl Records remastered for online streaming, the warm sound of which embraces the listener and comes out in every single note.
WP has always been connected to music and art, as proved by such events as the ones featuring artists of the like of Chet Baker, Gerry Mulligan, Sonny Rollins, Son Of Dave, Mop Mop, Jimmy Owens, Giovanni Allevi, James Taylor Quartet, Roy Ayers and DJs such as Claude Challe (Buddha Bar) and Gilles Peterson.

WP Store Radio was born respectively from Andrea Canè's and Luca Caccioni's will, both creative and artistic director of WP Lavori in Corso. The artistic direction of the project is by Piero Casanova, dj, producer and promoter from the late 80s, always sensitive to Soul and Jazz sounds.
The speaker is Miss B formerly Jazz FM and Capital Radio. A number of great artists from the international club scene such as Gilles Peterson (BBC radio), Eddie Piller (Acid Jazz, Soho Radio London), Norman Jay MBE (Notting Hill Festival) and Massimiliano Troiani (Radio Dee Jay) collaborate with the project, as they all share our same musical ideals.

Web Design Credits
Concept: Gianni Rossi, Piero Casanova, Claudia Buzzetti
Graphic Design, UX Design: Gianni Rossi
Engineer Development: dott. Mauro Gravili
Photo Editing: Claudia Buzzetti
Licensee, Music Schedule and Selection: Piero Casanova
Sound Engineer: Stefano Malaisi